Sunday, 16 July 2017 | 07:08 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!

Its been a long time since I didnt wrote any post in this blog
 and yeah finally I've make it.
The reason why I started to write back because
 I want to improve my writing and speaking skills as well
 even my muet test is already done :p
 Im so happy with my result because
 I really didnt expect that I could get band 4.
 Happy as fuck tho.
 I know maybe some people might said band 4 is easy to achieve but not for me.
 I struggled on myself to achieve band 4
 and Alhamdulillah hard work paid off!!! (ok, so excited maybe)
 Sometimes, I really get upset and wanted to give up because
 all my classmates can speak english even with broken english
 but yeah everything went well after 
I realize that english is so important to us.
 My lecturer also put high expectation on me because
 I came from St Georges Girls School
 as you guys know students there mostly fluent in english 
unfortunately not me pfftttttt.
So guys, for those people who really hard to speak in english,
 dont you ever give up before you try.
 Just try even your friends laugh at you (bcs my friends also laugh at me :p) 
Em, what else i want to write ah........ (thinking)
 Btw, Goodluck!!! ehehehe.
I think thats all from me ahahahaha (syok sendiri macam la ada orang nak baca)
Bye guys, 
Love ya, xoxo! :*